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Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses
Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses

Bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, mini roses and roses

Product code: MDB112

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Bouquet of flowers composed of 3 purple hydrangeas, 4 mini roses, 5 cyclam roses, 5 anigozanthos, 5 germs, 5 clematis, 5 antirrhinum and eucalyptus. Along with this you will find attached gift card, floral food, bag with instructions bouquet grooming, flower bag (is a container made of material that retains water for about 24 hours for the flowers to stay fresh and invigorated until it reaches its destination. The flower bag is found at the bottom of the flowers, at the tails
The bouquet will be delivered in a gift box, inscribed with the company logo, which is causing a stir among people who want to make a unique and unexpected surprise.
ImportantNot all flowers are available at any time of the year.
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Why Maison d'Or?

  • Free Delivery
  • Unforgettable packaging
  • Gift Card
  • Artizani
Free delivery in 2 hours in Bucharest

You forgot an important anniversary. Or maybe you want to brighten the day of a loved one, but time does not allow you to go shopping. Fortunately, the bouquets with delivery in Bucharest reach the recipient in just 2 hours, with zero delivery fee! What gesture can be more beautiful and appreciated than a wonderful bouquet of flowers, delivered at the right time?

Unforgettable packaging

Maison D’Or bouquets and floral arrangements always arrive in perfect condition at the destination, thanks to the special boxes and bags used for delivery. At the same time, we want you to enjoy the freshness of our flowers for as long as possible, that's why we share all the secrets necessary for their care. And, because not only the gift is spectacular, but also its delivery, we invite you to watch the magical moment of unpacking a Maison D’Or bouquet.

Gift Card

Every time we deliver a bouquet, we deliver your emotions. If you like to pay attention to even the smallest details when giving a gift, you will be glad to know that at Maison D'Or, good thoughts reach the recipient in the form of a personalized greeting card with your message, in a sealed envelope of wax. Because beautiful gestures never go out of style.

Authentic floral artisans

In our florist, no arrangement escapes the well-trained eye and experienced hand of floral artists. We capture the beauty and delicacy of each flower, each leaf and each stem, giving your bouquet the perfect shape. We then dress it in premium packaging and deliver it as soon as possible, so that the craftsmanship of Maison D’Or artisans can be admired everywhere.

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How come you didn t want to give your loved one a prest and you didn t know what would be better? Or maybe your mother, grandma or a very good frid? Sometimes, gifts for loved ones can be hard to choose, especially if you want to impress them. You also know that love is not measured in material objects, but you would like something that symbolizes love. Therefore, we recommd that you give bouquets of flowers. For example, this beautiful bouquet of flowers with anigozanthos, minirosa and roses is suitable in many situations due to the significance of flowers. Purple hydrangeas are the flowers you can give wh you want to wish someonesuccess. or wh you want to thank. And the mini rose and the roses represt the love you have for that person. You can order such a bouquet from aonline stand so you you will also joy flower delivery Bucharest!
Product Code MDB112
Flowers Hydrangea, Orchids, Tulip
Product Type Flower Bouquets

Instructiuni de ingrijire a florilor:

Puneti florile intr-o vaza cu apa plina pe jumatate imediat dupa ce le-ati primit.

Nu expuneti florile la soare si feriti-le de curent.

Expuneti buchetul in cea mai racoroasa zona din casa.

Schimbati apa o data la 2 zile.

Spalati vasul cu detergent de fiecare data cand schimbati apa pentru a indeparta bacteriile.

Taiati tulpina cu 2 cm, intr-o sectiune oblica, o data la 2/3 zile.

Colectie Premium Yes
Semnal Label No
Cutie Cadou No
Punga Cadou No
Perisabilitate Produs perisabil - nu se returnează

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