About us

You can give a flower to those you love and respect, or you can impress with the elegance of a bouquet of flowers. You can combine several types of flowers in a bouquet, or transfrom them into a real artwork, like a painting that transmits emotions. You can love flowers or you can understand, adore, respect them. Just as we do. This is called the Maison d'Or style.

When it comes to flowers, we have thousands of stories to tell you, but we are best at expressing our passion by making flower bouquets and exclusive floral arrangements which are always designed to impress.

At Maison d'Or, flowers are in safe hands. Here, for our team, every single order becomes a floral design in the true sense of the word. Making a special floral arrangement is in many cases preceded by drawings, layouts, design proposals, so that the result is perfect. Our team of florists at Maison d'Or includes 6 people with a rich experience and specialized studies in horticulture, design and floral arrangements. Their ideas and passion for flowers built this project.

Do you want to offer a single flower? We can draw around it a special arrangement made up of the right accessories. Do you want a spectacular flower bouquet, worthy of tens of thousands of Likes on social networks? We can offer you standard or custom made bouquets. Any request from our customers is a challenge for us to create something new, special and unique.

You can always find us online or offline, we are ready to offer you the perfect flower bouquets or to create a real floral show for any type of event.

We are happy to invite you to rediscover the true color, fragrance and elegance of the real flowers we use to create special bouquets.

We're waiting for you in our flower shops. You can visit us online or offline. With love and passion for flowers,
Maison d’Or.