Trandafiri in cutie

Fara indoiala, cele mai apreciate flori din lume sunt trandafirii. Asa ca nu rata nici o ocazie


Fara indoiala, cele mai apreciate flori din lume sunt trandafirii. Asa ca nu rata nici o ocazie pentru a darui persoanei iubite florile simbol al dragostei. Iti oferim cei mai frumosi trandafiri, atent selectionati si ingrijiti cu dragoste, asezati in cutii elegante, realizate din carton premium, pentru cea mai buna experienta. Pentru momentele cu adevarat speciale, alege trandafiri in cutie in forma de inima si iti garantam ca vor avea mare succes. Nu exista dar mai romantic decat astfel de flori in cutii. 

Comanda dintr-o florarie online si vei avea de ales intre trandafiri in cutie alba, neagra sau chiar si trandafiri in cutii acrilice. De asemenea, te vei bucura si de livrare flori in cel mai scurt timp de la comanda, astfel incat singura ta grija sa fie legata de momentele pretioase petrecute alaturi de aleasa inimii tale! Descopera selectia noastra de trandafiri in cutii si alege-ti acum preferii!

Love stories usually start with a rose. How did yours start? Roses are the symbol of love, they are the flowers of an immortal love, of the promise that everything will be fine and that you will go through all the situations that life has reserved for you together. Therefore, when you want to remind the loved one of the promises you made, when you want to make her feel special or when you have a special occasion to celebrate, always choose roses in a box. They are special not only because of their appearance, but also because they are packaged differently, and the loved one will not only enjoy a romantic gift, but also a beautiful decoration, which will delight his soul for days.

You will find the most beautiful flowers in boxes in an online florist and don't forget that you will also benefit from flower delivery as soon as you place your order (in Bucharest in a maximum of two hours). Depending on the occasion, you can give roses in heart-shaped boxes, boxes with white or black roses. Also, the color of the roses matters a lot. As you probably already know, red roses are a symbol of mature love, yellow roses symbolize friendship and optimism, tender pink roses signify pure love, feelings from the beginning of a relationship, and white roses are ideal for conveying pure feelings. It's just your choice what kind of roses in the box you will choose, depending on what you want to convey. Anyway, we are sure that your loved one will be very happy!